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by Antigone Blackwell
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The year 2020 proved to be a time of many challenges. Between the global pandemic, racial strife, an isolating quarantine, and an unwelcome recession, many nonprofits that relied on philanthropic contributions experienced difficulties.

In October of that year when our leadership team was informed that South Shore Drill Team and the Gary Comer Youth Center would lose a significant source of revenue from our largest funder, the news came as a significant blow.

However, facing these seemingly insurmountable setbacks has only motivated the Drill Team to grow stronger.

We forged ahead, determined to transform an obstacle into an opportunity. On November 2020, we partnered with AMPT: Advancing Nonprofits and the University of Chicago’s Booth Network Board Fellows Program. Together, the parties identified organizational needs and opportunities to create South Shore Drill Team’s 2021 Sustainable Growth Plan.

Soon after presenting the Growth Plan to local and national foundations, we garnered capital that helped spearhead initiatives to expand leadership development, youth programs, and partnerships with businesses, educators, and our residential community.

While the pandemic has certainly brought its share of struggles our way, it has not stopped us. Thanks in large part to the support of local and national foundations and the hard work of team members, our organization is on a forward-moving path with transformational initiatives well within our reach.