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Arthur Robertson is the Founder and Executive Director of South Shore Drill Team. Arthur grew up marching with various groups, and earned a leadership position with the Hornets Drill Team on Chicago’s West Side while still in his teens.

He graduated from Chicago State University and taught elementary education for more than 20 years at several Chicago Public Schools. At Paul Revere Elementary in the Greater Grand Crossing Neighborhood, he taught fourth through eighth grades and served as Dean of Students before retiring from CPS in 2006.


Arthur Robertson

As a teacher, Arthur saw young people struggling and believed that the performing arts would help keep them away from negative influences. He organized South Shore Drill Team in 1980, hoping they could perform once a month. Fast-forward thirty five years later, and the group is performing at more than 100 events a year.

While most of the events today are overseen by the team’s two Assistant Directors, Arthur remains committed to helping the team maintain a high level of performance and creativity. His extensive experience working with young people and their parents makes him an invaluable asset. In 2010, Arthur was featured in Fox News Chicago’s “Doing Good in the ‘Hood” and in 2011 he received the Community Impact Award from the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago.


 Kevin Ray

Associate Director

Member/instructor of group for 29 years; Advancing Youth Development (AYD) certification. Received the Comer Award in May, 2012. Kevin built an effective parent volunteer organization that supports the team. He oversees the training of the team’s Flag Line and young members.

Michael A. Borum

Associate Director

BS, Business, AYD-certified, member/instructor of group for 20 years. Performing member of the team 1988-2004. He oversees the training of the team’s rifle line and older members, supervises performances, and is responsible for the employment training programs. In 2011, he successfully led South Shore Drill Team to Winter Guard International World Championship.

 Stella Natufe

Special Events Coordinator and Media Relations

BS and MA, Journalism, AYD-certified. A member and instructor for 16 years, Stella is responsible for high-profile events and responding to media requests.

Marvin Meadors

Accounting Manager

Joined team’s staff in 2017; He leds the Board and management in the Strengthening Financial Management.

Sara Vlajcic

Resource Development Director

BS, English with graduate studies in Law & Journalism; with South Shore Drill Team for 19 years assisting with building infrastructure, fundraising, and board development.

Steven Washington

Community Outreach Director

Contract compliance, member recruitment and court referrals, and liaison to other organizations and also AYD-certified.


Melvin Coleman, Eric Thomas, Raphael Warner, Crystal Williamson

Office staff

Dawn Gray, Office Manager, Deanna Walcott, Administrative Assistant


Other staff instructors who grew up with the team include Eric Thomas and Crystal Williamson. The team also has several assistant instructors and volunteer instructors who came up through the team and are giving back to this special organization.